My Art Work
Most  colorful paintings in the world!
Beauty In Vain “La Belleza Y Vanidad" Acrylic Painting
Beauty has many faces, and these many faces unite to claim her name! The faces of these women are tender yet unforgiving as they stain their charm into your memory. Inspired by the women of the world as they transform themselves into aesthetic embodiments of joy, Gomez creates a muse-like display of vibrant and tantalizing colors. With fluid expressions and dreamlike definition, this piece allures the soul with its hypnotic pattern schemes and otherworldly nostalgic. Invigorate an imported taste by allowing yourself to be enticed by this flamboyant and extrinsic display of femininity.

   Tribal Carnival Acrylic Painting
This was painted in acrylic water base on a "60'72" on canvass. With the array of vibrant colors, this piece captures the spirit of Carnaval. Inspired by the lively celebration well known in much of Latin America & the Caribbean, Jose marries bold hues into organized chaos. Memories of Honduran festivities are translated into an explosion of passionate colors, daring accents, and proactive patterns.. Witness as fantasies and desires of Carnaval spill into the broad spectrums of reality.

    Deep Blue Hunt                                                                                    SOLD
Inspired by the watery wonders of the world, Gomez creates a color-infused snapshot of a shark feeding frenzy. "I wanted to make it funny and playful. The sharks are smiling because they're happy", says Gomez. Using the spirit of the ocean to entertain a comical interpretation of life in the sea, the artista produces a splash and bewildering array of fins, scales, and tails. Imagine yourself to swim with creatures of such sorts and allow yourself to be the hunter or the hunted.

 “An Artful Game of Love” Acrylic Painting                                                 SOLD
This was painted on a 42x82 in canvas. These colorful shapes and lighthearted tints, capture the mutable stages and emotions of love. Here we see traces of heartbreak and honeymoon, and a cool sense of detachment. Angled and abstract shapes overlap each other to create a collage of contrasting and complementing colors. Dare to define what the imagination attempts to grasp. See what the game may offer you, if you are as brave to play.

 "The Watchers … Me Miran" Acrylic Painting                                                SOLD 
This was painted on a 64 x 90 in canvass. The inspiration was drawn from the hidden messages that are ignored in the human eyes. The artist wanted to capture the different shades and colors of human life, in the same way every other eye does. Our eyes reflect what we see, and in doing so store memories and expressions yet unknown to the observer. These eyes stand witness to the follies and wisdoms of life.

And They Came Through The Window
In this dimensional twister the artist gives us an abstract window into his mind. A rip in the fabric invites otherworldly entities to occupy the arena of your imagination. The oblong figures resemble a scene from a sci-fi movie. 

For what long roads we travel that lead us into botches of grief and trails of heartache. Estranged and abandoned, we can ponder the many things that plague a man to the point of distress. With his wilted ambitions, he sinks under his own weight. He has come to terms, he accepts what comes. Exhaustion claims his will. Desperate is his name.

Invisible Cages 
​Perception is the theme to this two part canvas duo. A woman adjusts herself to get a better view of the school of crows flying above her. But the crows do not fly as free as they think. They are bound by what the artist calls a "psychological cage". As we all have worldly attachments that seem to rob of us of our clarity. The crows are the souls that become trapped. They impose imaginary boundaries on themselves simulating boundless freedom. The lady in red witnesses it all with full understanding and a hint of pity. The woman, is deformed but grounded. It would appear that she has the better view, as the birds repeat their enclosed cycles. They have the ability to go anywhere. Yet they lack the awareness to will it so.

Mysterious Royal Portraits
All great civilizations come and go. But many accounts have been strained in our memories and books. Varying in temperaments, each face maintains a regal poise throughout this majestic collage of grandiose profiles. Each face emanates a flair of royalty, while the weight of ruling masses bears no escape. The higher calling of some shall be a burden for others.

La Monja
A solemn reflective woman floats in and out of consciousness. Beaming rays of light emanate are projected from beneath her without completely smothering her pulsating hear. "Monja", the spanish word for nun is what he calls her. However stoic and obscure, one cannot ignore the cascades of shadowy splatter precipitating into the ends of the canvas. She is afloat but tethered; irradiant but humble. We can only wish her luck on her spiritual journey....

Transition of Ages
​Colorful phantom-like figure-heads burst out of the void of creation. Each resembles something alien, yet strangely familiar. Creatures bound in time twist the vacuum that is space in order to be acknowledged. Evolution is not possible without memory retained. Eons of life-stories withdrawn from the memory banks of humanity have been splattered in a rhythmic collage of portraitures.

Warm colors mix with cool sentiments in this jovial portrait of a young maiden. With Bright eyes and perched lips, she looks to the sky for answers to her questions of life. Her mind wanders as her heart aches for closeness of a distant consort. For where love is not, woe and anguish do prevail. The gravity of her aqueous sulky gaze pulls you directly into a world of uncertainty. Though she is patient, time slowly erodes any sliver hope that one day he will return.

Deep ocean life
Blind Illumination
Visions of the in-between change her into something ethereal. Once illuminated she cannot go back. Her eyes are covered in order for her soul to be open. She Chose this path, for she sits idle with hand covering her eyes. Although appearing tranquil and poised, her cerebral energies are ablaze. Her focus is unknown as she remains detached in her demeanor. She radiates with enlightenment, and her gifts are electrifying.

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